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Adventures on the Path of Spiritual Freedom 2018 Michigan Eckankar Regional Seminar


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What is the difference between personal and spiritual freedom? How do each of us experience spiritual freedom and how do we practice the art of spiritual freedom in our daily lives, our dreams, contemplations, meditations and/or prayers?

Like many, I started testing boundaries that required alert parenting to keep me safe. For example, on a family vacation to the ocean, before I could walk, I would crawl down to the edge of the Atlantic surf, put my blue sand bucket on my head, and sit under the incoming waves. Without an alert mother, my adventure on the path of spiritual freedom might have been a lot shorter.

Why was I drawn to the sound, the rhythm and depth of the ocean? Life became less important than the call of the ocean for a 14 month old. Each person, in his or her own way, explores and experiences the purpose of life … of creation? Is it possible to discover and experience that purpose, that freedom, in this lifetime? Can we do it safely and according to our individual natures rather than depending on someone else’s written words or experiences? Yes, we can.

Every promise of Eckankar, when I first joined, has been realized and continues to inspire my dreams, contemplations and everyday life. I look forward to sharing my adventure through stories of my own and from people who have taught me along the way.

Even more importantly, I will share how each of us is able to “hear”, “feel” and practice the elemental rhythm of God’s Love, to explore spiritual freedom with the innocence of a child but with the guidance of a teacher whose sole interest is that we safely experience Spiritual Freedom in this lifetime.

It is the adventure of a lifetime. I look forward to learning and sharing with you.

Welcome Keynote Speaker

A lifelong educator, Bill is currently working with teens who have difficulty in school and with those accelerating into their next step of life.

A member of the Eckankar Clergy, Bill is currently serving as the Regional ECK Spiritual Aide (RESA) of Vermont.

Bill has been very fortunate to be invited to share his spiritual journey at Eckankar events around the country. In every case, the gift he’s received is being inspired by the stories of those discovering their truth in everyday life. Spiritual freedom is accepted and shared by listening to others as they share their spiritual journey.



Bill Elberty